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Solar Panels Prices is the foremost on-line store for solar panels. Whether you looking for one or two solar panels or to buy in bulk you have come to the right location. We supply only top quality ‘A’ Grade panels at the best prices available in South Africa.

Solar Panels have multiple beneficial effects that surpass simply being a cost effective method of powering your home. Here are some facts you may not have known about: The use of a PV helps reduce the consumption of water in a world where water may very well become one of the most valued resources. By substituting solar energy for coal fired energy less steam is used to turn the turbines that produce the grid power supply.

This means less water is lost from the direct water supply. Researchers say solar energy could provide enough power to meet SA’s energy needs.

We offer a country wide delivery service with all our panels carrying full manufacturers warranties.

There is a serious global need to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses and we have never been more aware of the consequences as we are now. Our site has been specifically designed to supply quality solar panels at a price that is affordable to the public as a whole.
With thanks to our enviro-sensitive supplier base we can offer the public an excellent product line at reduced rates, with many of our panels listed at below recommended retail price.

Renesola Vitrus II Panel Specials

(Valid whilst stocks last)

Minimum 5 Panels per order


Solar Panel Pallet

305 watt solar panel R2999.00

260 watt solar panel R2559.00

250 watt solar panel R2459.00

Stilfontein 70kw system supplied by Alternagy.

Stilfontein 70kw supplied by Alternagy

Ladybrand 24 kw supplied by Alternagy.

Ladybrand 24 kw supplied by Alternagy

Solar Panels Prices is a one-stop online store for solar panels. Our goal is to offer an alternative power source to ensure a reduction in the carbon footprint in addition to the cost saving advantages of solar energy.
So to answer the question “How can we go Green“, the answer is simple. You can start shopping for the finest Go Green products for your home, right here at Solar Panels Prices.